Baby Block 2" New Design with Feet&Stars Personalized

Price: Starting at: $14.95

Laser Engraved on 2" X 2" block of hard maple and coated with a non-toxic finish. Each of the six sides gives information about the child. Also can be ordered in 3" Just check the box above. Information needed to engrave the block for order form: Side 1 - Baby's Initial (Can be first name or last) Side 2 - Baby's full name Side 3 - Baby's Date of Birth, time of birth (hours, minute, and am or pm), weight, and length. Side 4 - Parents names (please indicate if last name is different for parents) Side 5 - City and State baby was born Side 6 - "A Special Gift From ............." (who is giving the gift - i.e. "Mommy & Daddy", "Uncle John and Aunt Cindy", etc)

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